Comics are popular throughout Canada and have proven to be one of the best-selling hobbyist collectibles in the country. COMICSHOP provides vital and fun insights into the world of comics, how to collect, where to buy, reviews, and much more.

About Comics

Comics include a range of genres and are regarded as graphic novels in many countries, although lengths are different between comics and graphic novels. These books are known by a variety of names throughout Canada, including comix, cartoons, the funnies, graphic, graphic literature, visual literature, and sequential art.

Comics are known as the most popular accepted term for these books. Throughout history, the term comics has usually created an understanding of a book being comedic and funny with humour images usually found in newspapers. The term quickly changed, and people understood comics as being graphic pictures where literature was not used much.

As a genre, comics are dynamic and can be wordless or pictures with few words. Comics are known to challenge wording by incorporating complicated sequential left to right wording styles.

About Comics in Canada

Comics have been proven to be one of the most popular types of collectible books in Canada since their beginnings in newspapers and comic books in the late nineteenth century. Comics in the nineteenth century could be seen as only being sold on street corners and tobacco shops.

Between 1940 and 1947, Canadian comics went through a popular period due to wartime laws that cut off the import of American comics, which were known by all Canadians during that time. The ban on imports during this time spawned national and patriotic comic book characters such as Nelvana of the Northern Lights.

After the war, American comics ran local Canadian printed comics out of business due to larger print runs and distribution networks that could sell internationally.