Comic Books with a Premise on Gambling

With comic books usually taking up themes of supernatural abilities and crime, there is no wonder that many of the popular comic book series is based on gambling or have undertones of gambling games.

Although comic books are never really based on jackpot slots or online casino games, many interesting themes surround powerful abilities with poker, roulette, and fictional gambling games.

These are gambling comics written by well-known comic creators.


Kaiji is a Japanese comic book that was released in 1996. The comic is centred on its main character with the title name of Kaiji. He is a conman who loves gambling and takes a loan from villains. Unable to pay back the loan, he ends up staying in a work camp where he works on his gambling talents to get himself out of trouble with his debts.


The same as Kaiji, this comic book is a manga series from Japan. The comic was first released in 1991. The main character of the comic books is Shigeru Akagi, who plays an interesting gambling game and defeats the Yakukza members without knowing the rules of the game. After he beats the other players, he returns as a legend and defeats his opponents in another game.

The comic sold over 12 million copies in Japan.

Betting Man

Betting Man is one of the top-selling comics about gambling. It tells the story of a superhero with psychic abilities. The main character Jinn-Goo can see beyond any object. This superpower makes him win at any gambling game by seeing the card numbers of all his opponents.

The comic goes further into the details of the superhero’s talents and powers with gambling.

Reading the comic books on this list can inspire anybody to try and win jackpots on online casinos such as Duelz Casino.