Popular Comic Shops in Toronto

Toronto is known for having a large following and fan base of comic series books. With this large following comes more comic book shops each year, providing promotions and special deals to all collectors.

All the shops on this list are in Toronto and provide different positive aspects such as variety and pricing.

Silver Snail Yonge St.

Silver Snail Yonge St. is located on the upper floor of Yonge and Dundas. The shop boasts a massive collection of comic books and graphic novels as well as memorabilia. Their memorabilia section is one of the most varied throughout Toronto.

What makes this shop even better is the Black Canary café next door that lets you browse through comics of your new purchase.

Paradise Comics

Paradise Comics is a 1000 square foot shop next to Lawrence Station and stands as one of the biggest comic stores in Toronto. They carry golden-era Canadian comics as well as internationally released books. They are widely known for being the founders of the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon.

Visit Paradise comics to witness one of the largest comic collections in Canada.

Red Nails II

Red Nails has two shops in Toronto situated in Bloor West Village and Sheridan Mall. Visit any of the 2 shops to browse through their large comic selection, graphic novels, and even sports card boxes. Red Nails have been operating in Canada since 1989 and are the only shop with two dedicated locations in Toronto.

The Beguiling

This is probably Toronto’s favourite comic book store. The Beguiling stands more like a comic book and graphic novel emporium than a shop and sells works from as early as 1930. Whether looking for a rare vintage comic or a newly released series, comic book fans can find anything here, including some interesting finds, by just browsing through the collections.

The Comic Room

The comic room shares a space with the Paperback Exchange in Scarborough. Since the 1970s, The Comic Room has been part of the community’s comic book scene. They have over 20 000 issues in stock and get weekly shipments of rare and collectible comics.

Visit any of the shops on this list for the ultimate experience in comic book browsing for rare, collectible, and new releases. This provides the best browsing trip through Toronto.