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Welcome to COMICSHOP, where people can learn more about the history and modern times of comic books and graphic novels.

What to Expect

With COMICSHOP, fans can learn all there is to be known about comic books. We cater both to individuals who have only found a passion for comics recently and need to study up on some of the facts but also more experienced collectors.

If comics are a newly found passion or hobby, readers can find out which comics are best to start with, what to expect to form them, and where to buy them. After getting used to the characters and various store types involved with comics, readers can move on to graphic novels.

We provide top favourite lists of graphic novels, reviews on comic books, and details on comic book shops based all around Canada.

With comic books being extremely collectible and cherished by both shop owners and private comic book collectors, there are many editions and prints to look out for that are extremely valued. We provide up-to-date information on newly found treasures, reprisals, and which books to look out for when looking for investments.

Comic books stand as popular collectibles to people all over Canada and provide a great way to have a hobby that involves interesting studies into the worth and production of each print. Many of the popular stores intertwine with characters being found as surprises in different prints of comic books.

Visit COMICSHOP frequently for updated information and newly posted articles on comic book and graphic novel collections, shops, and reviews. COMICSHOP has a main focus on the Canadian Collection market.

Comic Book Shops

Find out about all the comic book shops throughout Canada, their promotions, and what makes them stand out among their competitors.

Reviews and Promotions

Learn more about all the latest releases in comic books, specials that are running from shops, and some helpful reviews on news and older comic book releases.

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are typically known for being longer fictional work based on the same principles as comic books. Find out where to find the latest graphic novel releases.

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