How to Value Comic Books

Finding out the value of a comic book is not as difficult as some new collectors think it is. With comic book prices going up and down quite frequently, it’s still a great way to invest for people who have the knowledge and expertise of vintage comic books.

The first step is to check a list of valuable comics; these lists can be found from most dedicated online comic book magazines from collectors. Looking up the auction prices on what some of the same copies have sold for can be a great indication of the value of a comic. Depending on the year and country the comic was published in, it may have many different price values.

Although some comic books may have a lot of value, the majority of comic books from the 80s do not have any value at all. Visiting local comic book shops can also assist in comparing prices.

Some comic book hops provide collectors with free appraisals of their comic books if they are rare or collectible. Comic books that are most valuable and collectible were published between 1929 and 1979. Superhero comics such as spiderman and superman from the given period are known to be among some of the rarest and most valuable of comic books.

Some of the most popular and valuable Canadian comic books include vintage books before 1980, magazines, pulps, original comic art, illustration art, animation art, and comic memorabilia. Trying to figure out the value of a specific print is not as easy as just looking at the cover. To determine the value, a collector needs to find the publication date and issue number.

To find this information, the collector needs to find the indicia inside the book; it’s a small block with letters located on the inside of the front cover on the first page. Some of the comic auction sites have high-resolution photos of comics which can work great as an indication of the publication dates and numbers.